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The Roll Edit with Final Cut Pro X

Unlike the Ripple edits, which are automatically accessed when the Select tool moves to the edit point, the Roll edit needs to use a special Trim tool if you want to drag the edit. The tool can be accessed from the Tools menu in the Toolbar or by pressing the T key.

The Roll edit does not affect the overall length of the sequence, only the two adjacent shots, making one longer and the other shorter. Let’s roll the edit between ms ham and cu ham:

1. Turn on the Trim tool with the T key.

2. Click the edit point to select it. Both sides of the edit are selected.

3. Drag the edit point to the left to shorten the outgoing A side and lengthen the incoming B side, as in Figure 6.14 . If you drag it –27 frames as I did, you’ll see that the selection indicator on the incoming side turns red, showing that you are on the first frame of the incoming media, and that’s as far as the clip can be dragged. Also notice the filmstrip overlay on the left edge of the incoming shot in the Viewer; it indicates you’re at the limit of the media (see Figure 6.15 ).

You can also do this edit numerically and by nudging. To do it numerically or to nudge it, you do not have to have the Trim tool selected; you simply have to select the edit in Roll mode.

4. Undo the previous edit with Command-Z.

5. Deselect the edit by clicking off it or pressing Shift-Command-A to deselect all.

6. Return to the Select tool by pressing A or by choosing it from the Tools menu in the Toolbar.

7. Make sure the playhead is on the edit between ms ham and cu ham and press the backslash ( \ ) key to select the edit in Roll mode.

8. Type in −29 and press Enter, The edit will roll earlier in time but will go only as far as there is available media, showing the red media limit indicator on the right side of the edit point. You can nudge the edit in the same way, select it, and use the comma or period keys, or Shift-comma or Shift-period . You can also do an Extend edit by moving the playhead to the point where you want the edit to go and pressing Shift-X. Unlike in earlier versions of Final Cut, including FCE, in this version if there is not enough media for the edit, rather than not doing the Extend edit at all, FCP will now move the edit point as far as the given available media. In this case it will move it only the maximum 27 frames as we just did.

FIGURE 6.14 Rolling an Edit in the Timeline.

FIGURE 6.15 Media Limit Indicator in the Viewer.

TIP: Temporarily Using the Trim Tool

Rather than tapping the T key to activate the Trim tool, if you hold the T key to roll an edit point, when you release the T, the pointer will return to the Select tool. This trick works well for making fast adjustments to your edits.

Excerpt from Final Cut Pro X for iMovie and Final Cut Express Users: Making the Creative Leap by Tom Wolsky © 2012 Taylor & Francis Group. All Rights Reserved.

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