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Screenwriting Tip #100: The Three Acts of Writing a First Draft


Screenwriting Tip #100: The point of a first draft is just to exist. Nobody should ever spend more than three months on a first draft unless they’re hand-chiseling it on a stone tablet. The psychological process of writing the first draft follows a predictable arc. At first it feels like love in the springtime –…

Using Improv for screen-story development

Using Improv as a Screenwriting Tool


Despite the justly celebrated virtues of planning, most filmmakers make at least some use of impromptu creativity, such as an actor’s ad lib or a director’s on-set inspiration. More-extensive improvisation, at any phase of the project, offers the writer-director substantial benefits, but with some significant drawbacks to mitigate. Improv can be used to help write…

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Writing on a Budget


It’s easy to get lost in the world of your story, weaving tales of intrigue, romance, action and adventure through the lives of your characters. But as engaging as you would like that world to be, the reality of tighter budgets, fewer shooting days, smaller crews and cheaper equipment force producers to look at cheaper…

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