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The Basics of Lighting


Lighting is an essential tool for enhancing the video image. The subtle use of light creates atmosphere and mood, dimension, and texture. It can help to convey a plot line, enhance key elements such as set color or skin tone, and signals the difference between comedy and drama, reality and fantasy. Hard versus Soft All…


Creating Motion Graphics Hidden Gems: Chapter 15 – Lighting in 3D


A selection of “hidden gems” from Chapter 15 of Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects.     As you are aware by now, we’re going through our book Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects 5th Edition (“CMG5” for short) and pulling out a few “hidden gems” from each chapter. These will include both essential tips…


VIDEO Breaking Up Solid Walls with Light


Jason Tomaric shows us how to change a plain, dull wall into something interesting and dimensional using a lighting object called a cookaloris. FilmSkills is the visual way to learn filmmaking. Online training videos available 24/7. www.filmskills.com

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The Top Eight Goals of Lighting Your Scene


THE FUNDAMENTALS OF LIGHTING I’m sure you’ve heard this, “If you light it right…” or “With good lighting, the scene will…” What does that mean? What is “good” lighting? Lighting has nearly infinite permutations and variations. There is certainly no one “right” way to light a scene. As a result, there is no chance that…

Tungsten Lighting

Video: A Quick Primer on Tungsten Open Face Lights


Lighting expert John Gresch walks you through the basics of Tungsten open face lights. This is a sample from FilmSkills. FilmSkills is the visual way to learn filmmaking. Online training videos available 24/7.

Hard Lighting techniques

Manipulating Hard Light


Light can be manipulated as it travels from the light source to the subject. Let’s discuss the manipulation of hard light into shapes and patterns. A break-up pattern is very often used to give texture to the background of a shot. Breaking up the light with a tree branch, gobo pattern, Venetian blind, window pattern,…

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Professional Training for Lighting Technicians


The qualifications necessary to perform most of the duties of a lighting technician include a basic understanding of electrical safety, the ability to recognize and avoid the possible hazards involved, and a good working knowledge of the equipment. In addition, in the United States, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Electrical…


Tools for Controlling Soft Light


A DP often wants to control the foreground lighting and background lighting separately and light the actors without also flattening out the background. One can do this by cutting and containing the lighting with flags, black wrap, and the like. Soft light is more difficult than hard light to cut and control, and the softer…

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