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A Mini-Blog on the Power of Media to Ignite Change 



Excerpts below are from the book Story Money Impact: Funding Media for Social Change, by Tracey Friesen (released March 2016).

This series of nuggets and links is designed to inspire those driven to connect art & activism.


STORY Question – In what ways are you optimistic about the future of media for social change?

Linda Solomon (Vancouver Observer) – I come from a kind of a philosophy that says that even if I make the tiniest drop of change in my whole lifetime, that’s enough. I do not get attached to the outcome on these things. I don’t see my role as even aiming to make a change when we’re telling stories. My aim every day is to tell a powerful story that people are really going to want to read, and then to put it in their hands. That’s the role of the journalist. Some people get burnt out because I think they’re attached to the outcome, but for me the goal every day is to tell a better story.

STORY Spark ~ Read Vancouver Observer and National Observer


MONEY Question – How important is recoupment in your decision making process?

Christie George (New Media Ventures) – We tend to have a policy of not working with any investors who aren’t impact oriented first on the spectrum of impact to financial returns.  But as we have grown, we realize that people need way more than money.  Many are also motivated by being part of a community. That’s a more valuable, deeper, longer term benefit to the organizations and the investors in the portfolio. This is such a wild west territory.  Seeing that there are other people doing it and hearing their stories… All of the reasons why community is valuable are no less true in the context of angel investors.

MONEY Spark ~ Explore New Media Ventures


IMPACT Question – How would you define an ‘impact producer’?

Darcy Heusel (Picture Motion) – People have been doing this kind of work for a while, at places like Participant Media, for instance, but the term ‘impact producer’ is something relatively new.  Part of it is recognizing the importance of social impact and marketing of a film.  Giving the title of ‘producer’ assigns a very specific role and task to it.  Previously people might have said ‘social impact strategist’ or just that ‘I’m working on a social impact campaign’.  But really, you’re producing an impact campaign.

IMPACT Spark ~ Watch American Promise campaign video


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