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Today I’m feeling the same excitement I did when I was eight years old and launched a newspaper called—for some completely unknown reason—The Lifely McPeamont. I conscripted my younger brother to help with some writing, but primarily mundane tasks like photocopying and mailing issues to family members. [Friends, the publishing industry is cut-throat, and just like in the film biz, it all starts in the mailroom.] We regaled our family with newsy little nuggets about school recitals, Big Wheelin’, and whatever else kids did in the ‘80s—all for the low, low subscription price of…whatever they cared to donate.

Fast forward a few decades, and I’m back at it again with Mastering Film. Except this time, we’re conscripting the brightest lights in the film and video business, who chose this gig over naval service. You’ll hear from the brilliant authors at Focal Press, as well as a range of experts in the biz. They’ll bring you the most useful ideas, techniques, and creative kicks in the butt to get you out there making your movie. We’ll cover cinematography, the film business, directing, screenwriting, postproduction, and whatever else you care to hear about.

I’m a fan of instant gratification. While there’s nothing better than a brand-new book landing on my desk, it can be difficult to wait for it to come to fruition over a period of years. It’s therefore exciting to have this opportunity to cover new and hot topics in real time, and to generate conversations with you through the blog, Twitter, Facebook, and wherever else you are.

Since 1938, Focal Press has been committed to helping you achieve your vision, and Mastering Film is an extension of that mission. So read, learn, enjoy, and most of all: go forth and create!

Elinor Actipis

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