Free-to-Access Film, Video and Postproduction eBooks! Read for free until June 30th.

A century of knowledge, now at your fingertips THROUGHOUT JUNE

Routledge and Focal Press are committed to ensuring that valuable research and content from the past is available in the newest and most accessible formats. As part of this commitment, we have digitized over 15,000 of our older titles that were previously only available in print. We have now made more than 6,000 completely free-to-view!

Over 700 free-to-access books in Arts, Communication and Media

Of these 6,000 free-to-view titles, there over 700 in the areas of Arts, Communication and Media, three areas of publishing in which Routledge has a particularly strong history. You will find an exciting range of titles, all freely-accessible, spanning everything from Communication Studies and Film Studies to Photography and Theatre.

Accessing the books couldn’t be easier!

We have brought together all 700+ Media, Communication and Arts titles in one user-friendly catalogue . All you need to do is click through to the discipline that interests you (please refer to the left-hand index) and then click on any of the books you would like to read. You will then see the option to access the book for free by clicking ‘View Inside this Book’.


We hope you enjoy accessing ‘a century of knowledge’, brought to you by Routledge. These books will be accessible THROUGHOUT JUNE 2014.

We have included just a few of the free film, video and postproduction titles below.  Just click and enjoy!

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