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F-Up #10 “Stars Will Want to Be in My Movie”

Stars in my film The F-Up

Assuming that a particular star will want to be in your movie is just as common a mistake as assuming that no stars will want to be in your movie.

New filmmakers frequently think, “Surely, recognizable actors, musicians, and celebrities will want to be a part of my incredible project, right?” But the truth is, more often than not, this sort of genuine enthusiasm gets dealt a very empty plate of reality. However, should you approach the process of pursuing talent with a practical plan that is able to adapt to its obstacles, you might end up with a better cast than even the dreamers dreamt possible.

How to Do It Right

Let’s say you have some great ideas for attainable names and/or faces, but have no clue how to get in touch with them. I have good news for you: there is a roadmap for that. One that you can go about yourself—or one you can attach a casting director (C.D.) or producer to help navigate.

Casting Directors:

An established casting director instantly gives your project added legitimacy. Even if you don’t have a long track record, you can take advantage of your casting director’s. Naturally, that advantage will likely come at a price, and you will have to pay a casting director part of her fee to be involved in a project at an early stage; that is another reason having some money in place as a first step is immensely helpful.


It’ll help immensely if your producer has a good track record and industry relationships. Once again, this will help separate you from the pack and give your project added legitimacy.

DIY Talent Attachment:

Finding out what agent or manager represents an actor is fairly easy. You can look up this information on pay websites such as or The Screen Actors Guild also provides a free “actors to locate” service that you can call (1-800-503-6737), and it will tell you whom SAG has listed as an actor’s representative.

Excerpted from First-Time Filmmaker F*&^ Ups by Daryl Bob Goldberg © 2011 Elsevier Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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