Content Marketing, Or How We Can Sell More Of Your Books

We have  some very exciting news!  Our content site, MasteringFilm, has had some big successes recently!  We have been getting nearly 1/3 of the traffic of www.focalpress.com (despite MasteringFilm just launching in the last year), it’s the #1 Focal Press content site, and it’s the fourth ranked referring website to focalpress.com.  Most importantly, we have been seeing a very direct correlation between successful blog posts and book sales.  As an example, Kurt Lancaster has had a number of highly-visited blog posts, and we’ve seen a direct link to increased sales of his book.

All of these facts support the theory that content marketing really does work.  The idea is to put free content that has real value out there, in a way that enables it to get pushed by others and spread through social networks as much as possible, and leads new potential customers to you, your knowledge, which then greatly increases the odds they’ll want more of you (through buying your books).

Our goal for MasteringFilm is to build it into a respected, informative content site and a powerful promotional tool for Focal Press, our authors and our books.  It is also a way for Focal Press to become an active member of the filmmaking community.

To further build on our success, we need your help.  We are looking for original content, posts that are ideally 400-1000 words in length on current topics in the filmmaking world.  If you have something to say about a current issue or topic – here is your chance! Your post will, of course, feature your book and we will further promote the post through our social media channels and newsletters – all with the goal of promoting you and selling more copies of your book. 

We are looking for engaging, unique, and even controversial posts.  Examples include Top 5/Top 10 lists, lists of tips, resources lists, or arguments against a popular point of view.   Lists in general tend to do well, and think short and sweet (with ideally a killer headline that demands attention… and we can certainly help with this!).  Oh, and it could also be a video post.  We can post these on MasteringFilm as well as our YouTube channel, which does very well.

For these original posts, we can often pay small honorariums depending on the number of posts, length and topics.

If you have any further questions or would like more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Interested in moving forward?  Here’s a submission template form you can use to submit any posts.  Simply email the Word document to s.berman@elsevier.com (or scott.berman@taylorandfrancis.com starting July 1, 2012).  Please note:  it’s best to check with us first for content ideas before submitting anyting, and we can discuss any potential payment at that point.


Scott Berman, Dennis McGonagle, Emily McCloskey, Lauren Mattos, and Kattie Washington

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