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Baring the rules on film nudity


Union Rules on Nudity in film

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The rules pertaining to nudity are as follows:

  • The producer’s representative is to notify the performer (or their representative) of any nudity or sex acts expected in the role (if known by management at the time) prior to the first interview or audition. Producers may not require total nudity at an audition or interview, and performers must be permitted to wear pasties and a g-string or the equivalent.
  • During any production involving nudity or sex scenes, the set shall be closed to all persons having no business purpose in connection with the production.
  • No still photography of nudity or sex acts will be authorized by the producer to be made without the consent of the performer.
  • The appearance of a performer in a nude or sex scene, or the doubling of a performer in such a scene, shall be conditioned upon the performer’s prior written consent. Such consent may be obtained by letter or other writing prior to a commitment or written contract being made or executed. (Nudity Rider.)

Such consent must include a general description as to the extent of the nudity and the type of physical contact required in the scene. If a performer has agreed to appear in such scene and then withdraws consent, the producer shall also have the right to double the performer. Consent may not be withdrawn for film already photographed. The producer shall also have the right to double young children or infants in nude scenes (not in sex scenes).

Body doubles employed in scenes requiring nudity or conduct of a sexual nature shall be principal performers; however, the provisions relating to residuals, screen credit, consecutive employment, and preference of employment provisions do not apply to these performers. Notwithstanding the foregoing, body doubles shall be paid for intervening days on an overnight location when required to remain at such location by the producer, and the preference of employment provisions of the applicable extra performer schedule shall apply to the employment of body doubles.

Excerpted from The Complete Film Production Handbook by Eve Light Honthaner © 2010 Elsevier Inc. All rights Reserved

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