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Tom Wolsky

Tom Wolsky is the well-known Final Cut Pro guru and author of Final Cut Pro Editing Workshop. His articles have appeared in MacWorld magazine and DV Magazine and on all the popular FCP Web sites. A graduate of the London School of Film, he has worked in film and television for over 30 years, about 20 of them at ABC News as a producer and operations manager in London and New York. He is co-owner and producer/editor of South Coast Productions, a television production company in northern California. Tom is an Apple Certified FCP instructor.

Posts by Tom Wolsky:

Prevent App Nap.

Optimizing Your Computer for Final Cut Pro


Final Cut Pro Version 10.1 is designed to take advantage of the newest technologies included in Mavericks OS 10.9, particularly it takes advantage of what Apple calls Timer Coalescing and Compressed Memory, which speeds up low-level system events. Timer Coalescing allows these system events to be grouped, to happen in bursts when there is available…

FIGURE 6.14 Rolling an Edit in the Timeline.

The Roll Edit with Final Cut Pro X


Unlike the Ripple edits, which are automatically accessed when the Select tool moves to the edit point, the Roll edit needs to use a special Trim tool if you want to drag the edit. The tool can be accessed from the Tools menu in the Toolbar or by pressing the T key. The Roll edit…

FIGURE 11.8 Color Board.

Color Correction with Final Cut Pro X


The primary tool for color correction in FCP is the Color Board, which is accessed with the arrow button opposite Correction 1 in the Inspector (see Figure 11.7 ) or more simply with the keyboard shortcut Command-6 (see Figure 11.8 , also in the color section). You can close the Color Board with the same…


The Most Asked Questions About Final Cut Pro X


It started with the bizarre announcement that a team from Apple was taking over the LAFCPUG Supermeet at NAB. Nearly 2000 FCP users gathered to hear what they presumed would be the unveiling of the next version of Final Cut Studio or at least a new Final Cut Pro 8. What they got was a…

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