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Scott Berman

Scott is the Senior Marketing Manager at Focal Press, and handles the filmmaking, theatre, and media art/journalism lists at Focal Press, as well as the marketing for FilmSkills. He has a BA in psychology and an MBA with a focus in marketing, and has also completed the Professional Screenwriting Program at UCLA. His goal in life is to win the New Yorker caption contest, where he realizes he'll have to write something truly unfunny to do so. Luckily, that comes naturally.


Posts by Scott Berman:

FilmCraft Directing

Excerpt Of An Interview With Film Director and Legend Clint Eastwood


Okay, so our FilmCraft: Directing book is available for pre-ordering, and publishes on June 15th.  We are very excited. The book features in-depth interviews with leading directors at the peak of their profession, sharing their real insights and experiences on development, storytelling/writing, working with actors and cinematographers, and everything else that goes into making a…


Content Marketing, Or How We Can Sell More Of Your Books


We have  some very exciting news!  Our content site, MasteringFilm, has had some big successes recently!  We have been getting nearly 1/3 of the traffic of (despite MasteringFilm just launching in the last year), it’s the #1 Focal Press content site, and it’s the fourth ranked referring website to  Most importantly, we have been…

FilmCraft Editing

FilmCraft:Editing and FilmCraft: Cinematography are now available!


      We won’t often blatantly push Focal Press books here at MasteringFilm… the idea is simply to give you useful information.  But we’re REALLY excited about these FilmCraft books, so we can’t help but gush. The FilmCraft series offers deep insights from the best in the business in a stunning visual format.  The…


Filmmaking Trick or Filmmaking Treat?


Let’s say, metaphorically, you are knocking on the door of MasteringFilm, hoping to get some sort of goody that makes you a better filmmaker.  We open the door and naturally say ‘Trick or Treat?’ Being the typical trickster, you say ‘Both.’ We nod in approval… as we like your style, and we have just the…

Screenwriting Tips, You Hack

The ‘I am a Hack’ contest!


In writing, hack tends to be a dirty word.  It shouldn’t be. In fact, it’s a badge of honor.  Even accomplished screenwriters who have had their work optioned or produced think of themselves as Hacks. A Hack is a writer who understands how truly difficult it is to write a screenplay.  A Hack knows that the…


What Would You Change About Movies?


Our friends at The Black List want to hear your thoughts on the following question: “What’s the one thing – anything – that you would change about movies?” They are looking for honest answers that can be in whatever format you like.  Short answers, long rants, via a tweet, video, whatever.  Be serious.  Be funny. …

Fa La La La La With Focal This Holiday Season


There is, perhaps, nothing better than giving a gift that allows someone to further their passion. That’s why we offer so many outstanding titles in photography, filmmaking, animation, games, music, audio engineering, broadcast technology, web design and theatre.  So whatever you celebrate this holiday season, be sure to give the gift of passion.    Photography…

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