Author: Russell Evans

Russell Evans

Russell Evans is a film and video lecturer, freelance writer, and magazine editor. He has written for many publications on filmmaking and photography, including Practical Digital Video, The Guardian, and Computer Arts. Evans has been working with emerging filmmakers for fifteen year, and many have gone on to successful careers in TV and film. Currently he is writing a comedy Web series. He is also the author of Practical DV Filmmaking.

Posts by Russell Evans:

montage editing

A Guide to Montage Editing


Montage is so interesting because it’s the editing style itself that is telling a lot of the meaning of the movie, as much as the actual stuff you shot. It’s what music has been doing for decades, since sampling and hip-hop kicked off. In old-school sampled hip-hop (Grandmaster Flash, et al.) it was the way…

usage rights

What You Need to Know about Copyright


When you use samples of video in your movie, or use a story you saw in the newspaper, or quote a lengthy piece from a book, you might run up against the law, by breaking copyright. Copyright is a way of protecting you, not just the stuff you want to sample or use. Copyright is…


Nine Ways to Make Your Movie Yours


You can make great movies if you find out what makes you different. Be yourself and put your own fingerprint on your movies. Forget about finding a unique new story or blend of other stories. The trick to being original is simply to give people your own unique way of seeing things. It’s not what…

Pitching your movie

Takin’ It to the Streets: Pitch Your Movie Face to Face


What if you could show your movie before you even made it? If you could describe what it was going to be to the people who might see it? Would it make you more nervous and tend to compromise, trimming off a snip here and snip there, until your movie offends no-one but pleases no-one…

Breaking down a script

Why You Need a Script Breakdown


  One way to make a movie is to turn up, shoot like crazy and figure out the mess later in the edit, but that’s way more stressful than it needs to be. Instead, think of the movie as one big shopping list — composed of clips one after the other. You go and shoot…

Increasing video traffic on YouTube

Maximize Your Video for YouTube Success


With so many movies on YouTube and other video sites, it’s harder than ever to make sure yours gets a fair viewing. So why not take advantage of YouTube features so that the maximum number of people see your video? Only then can you be sure that it finds the right audience that really connects…

Editing for continuity

What Goes Into and Comes Out of Continuity Editing


Continuity editing is pretty much the only way Hollywood and mainstream movies like to edit. This style is designed purely to help the story move along, but also to get the audience quickly rooting for the characters and feeling what they feel, but without doing anything too weird. Here are a few perks of continuity…

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