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Martie Cook

Martie Cook has over twenty-five years of experience as a television writer and producer and is a professor at Emerson College. She has written for such hit shows as “Charles in Charge”, “Full House”, “Joe’s Life”, and “One West Waikiki.” Her screenplay, Zachary’s Truth was a finalist in the Massachusetts Screenwriting Contest, and in the prestigious Chesterfield Writer’s Program, before being optioned by Universal Studios. Martie has served as writer/producer on “Real Life”, “Better Homes and Gardens”, “NBC Nightly News”, “The Today Show”, “Entertainment Tonight”, “America’s Most Wanted”, and the Emmy-award winning children’s show, “Zoom."

Posts by Martie Cook:


Sitcom Structure – Classic 2-act vs. Modern 3-act Structure


THE IMPORTANCE OF STORY STRUCTURE Quite simply, structure is one of the most important elements of your script. It is the glue that holds your story together. Think of structure as how you choose to tell your story. What happens in each scene and what is the order in which it happens? Let me warn…


The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing an Original TV Pilot


In the coming months, TV execs will read hundreds of pilot scripts and hear at least that many ideas for new shows.  If you are an aspiring television writer, now more than ever, it’s important to have an original script in your portfolio.  Be it comedy or drama, a good pilot can jumpstart your career…


The Spectacular Spec


WRITING FOR EXISTING SHOWS IS YOUR FIRST STEP It’s important to understand that no one is going to hire you as a TV writer simply because you want to be one. As with any business, in order to get work, you have to prove that you can actually handle the job. Hollywood is heavily unionized,…

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Out With the Old, In With the New


It’s official. Television has entered a new Golden Age. A revolution, so to speak. And with it comes the promise of innovative change and unimaginable opportunity. For writers and creators, the good news is that this new, exciting digital age is all about content. It’s about writing and producing shows that are as addictive as…

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What it Takes to Write Comedy


“Does it have to be funny?” While the answer may seem rather obvious, this is a question I am asked repeatedly. Each time, I am a little taken back. The word “sitcom” is actually a hybrid of two words: situational comedy. What this means at a core level is that sitcoms are about funny people…

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