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Mark Sawicki

Mark Sawicki is a Clio-award winning cameraman, visual effects artist, and actor. He won an Emmy Certificate for his contribution to Star Trek (TV series), and contributed to such pictures as PREMONITION, THE BLACK DAHLIA, 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN, and ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND.

Posts by Mark Sawicki:

Global Cinematography



Cinematography in the 21st century. I was honored to be a guest at a number of classes conducted at the launch of a very special school. The Global Cinematography Institute ( founded by Yuri Neyman ASC and Vilmos Zsigmond ASC has as its faculty the finest talents working in the field today. The institute not…

Stop motion



I had the good fortune to have worked on the original Terminator film directed by James Cameron. When I mentioned this fact to Matt Winston, the son of the late character creator Stan Winston, Matt invited me to author and perform in an instructional video to show how stop motion was used to animate the…

3D makeup transfer

A Lot of Love in a House of Horror


  I had the good fortune to sit in on an instructional video shoot presented by premiere makeup effects wizard Howard Berger. It took place at his shop at KNB EFX Group.  Howard, Greg Nicotero and his team created the memorable make-up effects for Kill Bill, Sin City and a host of others.  The company also won an Oscar…

Director of Photography

A Plea to Preserving the Art of Cinematography


Before color and sound we told stories with pictures.  Silent films gave birth to painting with light, the art of the cinematographer.  Within the first decades of early cinema a marvelous language of imagery was developed that directed the viewers eye, created illusion and stirred emotion.  From those early days to today the cinematographer has created…

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