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Jeff Foster

Jeff Foster has been producing traditional and digital images, animation, motion graphics, and visual effects for digital video and film for over 25 years. Some of his clients include Tribune Broadcasting, Deluxe Digital, Nestlé, USAF, FAA, FOX Television, Spike TV, Discovery/TLC, Universal Studios, and Disney. He has also written and contributed to several After Effects and Photoshop books, conducted training seminars, and been a featured speaker at several national conferences such as Macworld, Photoshop World, AdobeMAX, and NAB.

Posts by Jeff Foster:


Green Screen on a Budget – DIY Light Kits on the Cheap


I’ve seen dozens of strange lighting setups over the years, where people have had to cut corners and use what they had available (or what they could afford)—everything from clamp-on desk lamps to standing work lights and fluorescent light fixtures designed for a garage or workshop. Sure, you may be able to get away with…


Fixing Problem Green Screen Shots – Poor Lighting Issues


Poor Lighting Issues This has to be the number-one reason for bad green screen shots. Good lighting is the key to getting a great shot with which to composite. In most cases, the photographer either attempts to light the background but fails to light it evenly or doesn’t scope the shot through the camera and…


Basic Setups for Shooting Green Screen


The foundational elements for shooting all green screen setups are the materials used and the lighting of the background and the foreground subjects, including how these elements are positioned in relation to each other. Using the right combination of background materials, lighting, and positioning will save you hours of time during the keying or matte…

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