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Gustavo Mercado

Gustavo Mercado is an independent filmmaker with over 10 years of experience producing, writing, editing, directing, and shooting films on film and high-definition video. His films have been featured in national and international film festivals, and one of his short films, "Sensitive" (2002), won the grand prize in the Showtime Latino Filmmaker Showcase. As an educator in Hunter College's Department of Film, Mercado teaches editing, screenwriting, film production, and cinematography.

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Top Ten Tips to Improve Your Cinematic Compositions


Top Ten Tips from Gustavo Mercado to Improve Your Cinematic Compositions 1. Use a director’s viewfinder, a still camera, or any other instrument that allows you to create a frame to see the world around you. Good compositions work not only because of what is included in the frame, but also because of what is…

The usefullness of canted shots

Using Canted Shots to Convey Tension


Canted shots are composed with a camera tilted laterally, so that the horizon is not level and vertical lines run diagonally across the frame. The resulting compositions can create spatial imbalance or disorientation which can convey a sense of dramatic tension, psychological instability, confusion, madness, or drug-induced psychosis. In addition to conveying a character’s altered…

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