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Eve Light Honthaner

Eve’s career in the entertainment industry spans many years, primarily in the field of production management. She’s worked in every capacity from PA to line producer and as a staff production executive. Her credits include: Titanic, Just Married and Tropic Thunder. Since 1998, the author of THE COMPLETE FILM PRODUCTION HANDBOOK and HOLLYWOOD DRIVE has combined her many years of practical experience with a love of teaching to help others succeed in this fiercely competitive business. In addition to the 6-week course she teachs at USC each summer, schedule permitting, she does one- and two-day workshops throughout the country.

Posts by Eve Light Honthaner:

Independent films

Independent versus Studio Films: Which is Right for Me?


If you choose to freelance when first starting out, it might be easier for you to find work on smaller independent films.  Many independents are non-union, and because the salaries and required levels of experience tend to be lower than on traditional studio/union shoots, it’s a more plentiful source of employment.  And working on non-union…


How to Survive Filmmakers’ Big Egos


I’ve seen insecurity in producers, directors, other actors—any number of individuals, many times over.  Much is expected of them, they’re carrying a lot of weight on their shoulders and a great deal is riding on their ability to produce a quality performance or product that’s going to be well received and generate top ratings or…

film business

Location Bound


Good news – you’ve just landed a show, and you’re going to get to travel! The bad news is that you’ll be gone for several months and have a very short window of time in which to totally rearrange your life and figure out what to take with you. You may be given sufficient notice,…

Photo by Vancouver Film School

Attend Film School or Jump Right In?


This is a question I’m often asked, and there is no right or wrong answer.  I never attended film school but can see the advantages gained by those who have.  Can you make it big without film school?  Absolutely.  Can you go to film school and then not succeed in the biz?  Absolutely.  This is…

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Political Hires


Every show has its share of political hires – individuals who are there solely because of their connection to someone who had the authority to hire them. I’ve worked with political hires who have been total dead weight and no help whatsoever to the production and others who have turned out to be fabulous surprises…

Film Jobs

Getting into show business through the mailroom


The mailroom is a great place from which to work your way up, and agency mailrooms are especially well known as starting points for agents, managers, producers and studio executives.  Many extremely successful, well-known industry icons, such as Michael Ovitz, Barry Diller and David Geffen, started their careers in a mailroom. Agency mailrooms can be…

The Film Business

Working in International Film Distribution


I find this end of the business fascinating, and it’s the perfect career for a movie lover who’s always wanted to be a diplomat or get involved with some form of international relations.  A foreign sales company or the international department of a studio or distribution company is responsible for the international launch/festival participation of…

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Practical advice for those moving to LA or NYC


If you’re moving to Los Angeles or New York or just getting out of school and trying to make it on your own for the first time, do you have enough seed money to pay for rent, utilities, phone, car maintenance, auto and health insurance, food and miscellaneous expenses for several months until you can…

Union Rules on Nudity in film

Baring the rules on film nudity


  The rules pertaining to nudity are as follows: The producer’s representative is to notify the performer (or their representative) of any nudity or sex acts expected in the role (if known by management at the time) prior to the first interview or audition. Producers may not require total nudity at an audition or interview,…

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