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Elinor Actipis is publisher at Focal Press, where she has published over 100 industry-leading titles on filmmaking, broadcasting, and journalism. Recent initiatives include, an online film school, and

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The Future of Media Education, the Death of Textbooks, and Other Minor Matters


I’m gearing up for my annual trek to the University Film and Video Association Conference (UFVA), which runs August 3-6 in Boston at Emerson College, one of the world’s top film programs. Hundreds of film and video professors will be convening to discuss curriculum, screen films, scope out educational resources, and connect. Why I Go…


What Film School Didn’t Teach Me: Making It In the Industry


South by Southwest is loaded with useful panels. I attended one call Hollywood Lessons: What Film School Didn’t Teach Me, featuring recent film school grads who are making a go of it in the film industry. Here is some useful advice from the panelists: John Lang, Jennifer Cochis, Jared Mercier, and Deborah McIntosh. What Film…

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Instant (and Extreme) Gratification


Today I’m feeling the same excitement I did when I was eight years old and launched a newspaper called—for some completely unknown reason—The Lifely McPeamont. I conscripted my younger brother to help with some writing, but primarily mundane tasks like photocopying and mailing issues to family members. [Friends, the publishing industry is cut-throat, and just…

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