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Dean Miles

Dean Miles has been a professional location audio operator since 1989. He has worked on productions for National Geographic, BBC, CBC, World Vision, as well as on shows such as Sliders, X-files, and Super Dave to name a few. Dean has also developed and taught a location sound for video course for 9 years.


Posts by Dean Miles:


VIDEO: My Documentary Sound Kit


Dean Miles, author of Location Audio Simplified walks through what equipment he carries when on location, shooting a documentary. Check out more videos and online resources at! Save 20% when ordering Location Audio Simplified from Use discount code FOC20 at check out. Also available on and


Preparing a Location for Recording and Ambience


Preparing a Location for Recording You’ve probably heard the comment “We’ll fi x it in post.” If you’re on a fi lm shoot with a heavy audio postproduction budget, then almost anything is possible. But in video, what you record on location is pretty much what’s going to end up in the final product. Preparing…


DSLR Cameras and Location Audio


DSLRs have become the choice of many camera operators worldwide. The Internet is loaded with footage, good and bad, shot with these types of cameras. The pictures are great. The audio . . . not so much. With audio being an afterthought, the ability to record quality sound with any consistency is impossible. I’m having…

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