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David Stump

David Stump, ASC, works on numerous motion pictures and television productions as Director of Photography, as Visual Effects Director of Photography and as a Visual Effects Supervisor, garnering Emmy nominations and an Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement for Camera Data Capture Techniques. His credits include such projects as James Bond 22 A Quantum of Solace, Flight Plan, Fantastic Four, X-Men 1 & 2, Into the Blue, Garfield, Panic Room, Deep Blue Sea, Batman Forever, Hollow Man, Men of Honor, Stuart Little, The Sphere, Contact, Batman & Robin, Mars Attacks, Executive Decision, Stargate, Free Willy, and What Love Is, among others.

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The Practical Differences Between Film and Digital Sensors


The single best piece of advice that I can offer with regard to the difference between exposing film and exposing digital is this: It’s OK and sometimes desirable to slightly overexpose film, but it is not OK or advisable to overexpose digital unless that overexposure is exactly what you want! Cinematographers have widely varying methodologies…


The Shoot – Set Etiquette for Cinematographers


As the cinematographer, you drive three departments: camera, lighting, and grip. It is your job to know at all times what is up next for all three departments. By staying in close communication with the first assistant director, the cinematographer can always be one step ahead of the director in setting up the next shot,…


The Tools of Location Scouting


Depending on the budget and schedule, location scouting can begin far in advance of the shoot, or just as the shoot is about to begin. Obviously the more time one has to react to the circumstances dictated by the locations, the better, but any lead time is better than none. The Tools of Location Scouting…

Figure 1.1 The spectrum of visible color .

A primer on digital cinematography


Cinematography begins with light. Cinematography is the art of manipulating, capturing and recording motion pictures on a medium such as film, or in the case of digital cinematography, on an image sensor such as a charge-coupled device (CCD) or complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) chip set. In order to understand how digital photography works, it…

skin tone exposure

VIDEO: Exposing Skin Tones


Academy Award-winning Cinematographer David Stump, discusses the parameters regarding exposure for skin on film. FilmSkills is the visual way to learn filmmaking. Online training videos available 24/7.

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