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Danny Draven

Danny Draven is an award-winning producer, director and writer on independent films. He has directed over 6 internationally released features, edited over 30 and owns a production and post-production company in Los Angeles. He is also a member of the Producers Guild of America.


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Press Kits to Die for


Press kits are promotional booklets for a film to be submitted to the festival with your entry form, or upon their request. It’s like a sales brochure promoting and informing people about your project. This can be done as a traditional hard copy press kit, or an electronic press kit (also known as an EPK),…

Figure 11

How to Shoot: The Unexpected Jump


What does it look like? It’s unexpected “jump” moment or cut where the character almost gets seriously injured or killed. How’s it done? It’s done as a practical shot on the set. When should I use it? It’s best used during moments in the film where the character is off guard and vulnerable to an…

Figure 7

When and How to Use Reflection Scares


What does it look like? It’s a shot that reveals a monster or killer in a reflective surface for the audience (not the character) to see. It also reveals the geography of the threat within the context of the shot. It could be behind, above, below or inside of something in the scene. How’s it…

10 Things You Should Know About Writing A Screenplay

The Thriller Genre


Who doesn’t love a good thriller?  It’s a popular film genre that has its own visual style and narrative elements, emotional cues, and audience expectations. In Genre Filmmaking author Danny Draven shows the aesthetic, emotional and visual techniques of popular shots and sequences in the comedy, thriller, sci-fi, horror, action, romance, and masterworks/epics genres, and…

Film Scoring for Horror Movies

How to Score with Your Film Score


THE UNSEEN MONSTER The unseen monster in horror film music is a music cue that identifies its presence. This is a very effective mental cue for the audience and adds more dimensionality to the score. When you establish the cue, which must be early in the film, the audience will identify it with the monster…

Shooting on Location

There May Not Be Free Lunches, But There Are Free Film Locations


One of the biggest money savers on an independent film is having a free location. If you were to pay a daily or hourly rate, plus insurance requirements, your budget would skyrocket. During the writing phase, write your story around as many free locations as you can to avoid costly location rentals, especially in Los…

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