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Christopher J. Bowen is Instructor of Cinematography and Film Production at Boston University, an Avid certified instructor and Creative Director/Production Manager, Fellsway Creatives.

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When to Use the Dissolve


This is the second most common transition used in motion pictures, and, unlike most straight cuts, it attracts attention to itself on purpose. The dissolve is defined as a gradual change from the ending pictures of one shot into the beginning pictures of the next shot. This is traditionally achieved via a superimposition of both…

FIGURE 4.2 The two main color temperatures for video and film.

The Color Balance of Your Camera


These values of degrees Kelvin are extremely important to motion picture production whether you are using digital video or emulsion film. Each, as a light sensitive medium, is balanced by the manufacturer to want to see either 3200 degree light as “white” or 5600 degree light as “white.” For emulsion films, the balance toward 3200…


Slate the Head of Your Shots


Organization is a key factor in successful filmmaking. Even a small project can produce a large amount of video and audio files and keeping track of them through post-production is a big deal. It is very beneficial to identify the beginning of each take, and a slate can help with this process (see Figure 7.1…

Don't use blurry film takes when you edit

Are Your Thoughts On Focus a Little Fuzzy?


One of the chief issues that you may encounter as an editor is incorrect focus during a shot. Nothing can ruin a good performance like bad focus. It is the camera department’s job to ensure good focus on shots, and, for the most part, they do excellent work. It only takes one false move or late start…

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