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Chad Gervich

Chad Gervich is a television writer/producer, bestselling author, and award-winning playwright. He has written, produced, or developed shows for almost every major network and studio in Hollywood, including E!’s After Lately, starring Chelsea Handler; Disney Channel’s Dog With a Blog;Food Network’s Cupcake Wars;and ABC’s Wipeout. Chad’s first book, Small Screen, Big Picture: A Writer’s Guide to the TV Business, has been a staple in film and TV writing programs at USC, UCLA, California State University, Long Island University, as well as in programs at NBC, CBS, and the Writers Guild.

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Tips for Screenwriters – Preparing for an Agent Meeting


Finding the right agent or manager is like dating. You’re hoping to find someone who’s not only a creative and (in a way) spiritual partner, but someone who shares a vision for your work and career. If you see yourself as a genre writer, writing sci-fi and slasher films, but a manager sees you as…


Deciding What to Write – 5 Factors that Make a Script Attractive to Buyers


As writers, we like to think a well-written and compelling story should be enough to sell a script. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. In fact, it’s rarely true. Sure, selling a script requires a well-told story, but there are other, equally important factors that make a script attractive to buyers. Perhaps the five most important…

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Grabbing the Agent’s Attention


So you don’t have enough qualities to score yourself an agent. You have talent, and you have some (presumably) terrific scripts, but you don’t live in L.A., or you have no Hollywood connections, or you’ve never had any writing published or produced. Does this mean you can’t attract representation? Not necessarily. There are two other…

Agents' Family Tree

A Primer on the Agent


AGENTS “An agent’s main responsibility is to find work for the client, to generate business on behalf of the client and the agency,” says APA agent Alan Moore. Those clients may be actors, writers, directors, public figures. Usually, an agent specializes in procuring work for one specific type of client. Talent agents represent actors auditioning…

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