Author: Cathrine Kellison, Dustin Morrow & Kacey Morrow

Cathrine Kellison, Dustin Morrow & Kacey Morrow

Cathrine Kellison was a member of the Producers Guild of America, the Writers Guild of America, the Independent Documentary Association, and won numerous industry awards, including two WGA awards for Outstanding Achievement. She passed away in 2009. Dustin Morrow is a filmmaker, programmer, author, and Assistant Professor in the Film program at Portland State University. His short and feature films have won numerous awards and been screened in venues around the world. His photographs have been featured in art and culture magazines as well as solo and group gallery shows. He has directed theatrical productions, programmed film festivals and screening series, and written about film for publications in the U.S. and Europe. Kacey Morrow is an Assistant Professor of New Media Design at Western Washington University, where she teaches motion graphics, digital video, and web and interactive design. Ms. Morrow has years of experience as a motion, print, and multimedia designer in Chicago, and her videos have appeared in several film festivals and exhibitions nation-wide.

Posts by Cathrine Kellison, Dustin Morrow & Kacey Morrow:

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The Basics of Lighting


Lighting is an essential tool for enhancing the video image. The subtle use of light creates atmosphere and mood, dimension, and texture. It can help to convey a plot line, enhance key elements such as set color or skin tone, and signals the difference between comedy and drama, reality and fantasy. Hard versus Soft All…


What Does a TV Producer Really Do?


The definition of a producer: An idealist, a realist, a practical dreamer, a sophisticated gambler, and a stage-struck child. – Oscar Hammerstein THE PRODUCER’S DOMAIN Television has affected—and reflected—the culture of global communications for over a half-century. And now, the explosion of new media is demonstrating a similar impact, as it bursts onto the scene…

Producing for TV and New media

Top Ten Helpful Hints for Creating a Short Film from Sharon Badal


SHARON BADAL is Tribeca Film Festival/Short Films Programmer; NYU Professor/Producing for Film; and author of Swimming Upstream: A Lifesaving Guide to Short Film Distribution Navigating the film festival labyrinth…for most new producers, entering their project into the film festival circuit represents their first foray into the “real world” of the entertainment industry. Most of these…

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Working with an Editor


THE EDITOR’S ROLE “You might have a terrific episode, but if people are falling out because there are just too many elements in it, you have to begin to get rid of things.” -Ken Burns An editor can be a creative magician, a technical consultant, and an effective arbiter of what works and what doesn’t….

Partner writing for Television

Playing Nicely with Others


Writers in television take various approaches to their work. Some work best alone and prefer the solitude, and others write better with one or more partners. Many writers are on staff in a show and are a part of larger writing teams, usually from six to ten writers.  Television is a highly collaborative medium, so…

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