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Barbara Freedman Doyle

Barbara's career began as Asst to the Senior VP of Worldwide Production at Tri-Star Pictures and continued as Coordinator/Production Supervisor on projects for CBS, NBC, Disney, TNT, Showtime, Hearst Entertainment, Hallmark, 20th Century Fox, and more. Currently Chair of the Film Division of Chapman University.

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Can I have a dollar…or $50,000?


When you approach someone to invest in your film, you are really asking them to invest in you. Of course they should feel great about the project, and they will note that you somehow persuaded a known actor to play your lead, but ultimately it’s about whether they are convinced that you are the one…

Contacts in Film

Why Contacts Are Such a Big Deal


How many times have you heard it said that he (or she) is “connected”? You should know that being connected only means only that he knows people, or knows people who know people, who can help them. It doesn’t mean that the person is any more important than you are. The connection may just mean…

Film Investors

It’s Easier to Say No! But there are Risks!


Every job in the movie business is about finding and securing material and talent (creative elements) for a project; securing funding, and supervising the creative, logistical, and financial execution of the project; finding a way to get the finished project in front of an audience or finding a way to get an audience n front…

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