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Anthony Q Artis

Anthony Q. Artis has made his home in New York City for most of the last 15 years. There he has honed his skills as a straight up digital guerrilla. He has worked professionally in positions as diverse as producer, gaffer, cinematographer, and narrative projects and survived more low-budget shoots than he cares to admit. He most recently launched the Down and Dirty DV Podcast on iTunes and is currently producing an instructional series of guerrilla filmmaking books, DVD’s, and boot camps. He remains an active guerrilla filmmaker, educator and “artrepreneur.”


Posts by Anthony Q Artis:

Film Coverage

Cover Your Scene (and Your Butt)


The term “coverage” refers to the variety of shots you use to visually tell your story. Think of it not just as covering your scene, but covering your butt in editing. Apart from just breaking up the monotony of a single, long camera shot, getting more shots or additional coverage will provide plenty of opportunities…

sound design

Sound Rules To Live By


Rule #1: Get the Mic as Close as Possible The most basic rule for recording dialogue is to get the mic as close to the action as possible without being in the shot. The closer the mic, the better the quality of the recording. This is why boom mics so often end up creeping into…

Shooting Tactics

Guerilla filmmaking – What to do when you don’t have a permit


It’s always less hassle to do things by the book, but as many broke documentary filmmakers will tell you… it ain’t always possible. At the end of the day, there’s only one golden rule when making a Down and Dirty documentary—get the shot. Here are some of my stealth strategies for overcoming common shooting obstacles….


Color Temperatures, White Balance and Utilizing Sunlight When Shooting


Color Temperature in a Nutshell All light has a color temperature. Color temperature affects what color that light will look like on video. Sunlight, fluorescent lights, and light from incandescent bulbs (a.k.a. tungsten), all appear as different colors on camera, because they all have different color temperatures. White Balance Your camera’s white balance function compensates…

Safety Takes

Your B-Roll is Your A-Roll


The term “B-roll” comes from the world of film where editors used to use an “A” and a “B” roll of identical footage, before the digital age changed everything. B-roll shots are similar to cutaways in that they help break up the static interview shots, but B-roll plays a more major role in telling a…

Rely on auto-functions when executing tricky camera moves.

Shut Up and Shoot! Manual vs Auto Functions: What’s So Bad About Auto?


Use Manual Controls A primary difference between pro and amateur shooters is that the pros know how to manually control their camera image and many amateurs simply let the camera decide how the shot should look and sound by relying heavily on the camera’s auto controls. The hectic and unpredictable nature of documentary shooting makes…

imterview 1

Interviewing Celebrities for Your Documentary


I freely admit that as long as I’ve been in this business I still get excited when I interview certain celebrities. However, for the celebrities themselves, the excitement just isn’t there. Most of them have been interviewed a thousand times (some literally), especially if they’re promoting a new project. And it’s generally a tedious and…


How to Conduct a Documentary Interview


Conducting a documentary interview is not as easy as it might seem. Everything from eye contact to instructing your subject is essential in making your documentary the best it can possibly be. Anthony Q. Artis is here to make sure your interviews are top-notch. He gives his top 4 tips that he tells all subjects…

Photo by Chardayyy

The Problem With 4K


I think the significance of 4K shooting has been somewhat over-hyped by many indie filmmakers. Don’t get me wrong it’s very cool and a huge leap in the state of the art that we can capture video at such an incredible resolution—4× that of standard HD video. So it is a big deal . ….


Four Common Budgeting Mistakes for Your Documentary


When it comes right down to it, budgeting is an exercise in guesswork. But there is a difference between blind guessing, as in the lottery, and educated guessing, as in the stock market. Nobody knows what lottery ball will pop up, but with stocks you can see certain things coming if you know what to…

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