Author: Andy Siege (Series Editor)

Andy Siege (Series Editor)

Andy Siege (Born Andreas Madjid Siege, 1985) is an award winning DIY director. He was born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1985 as the son of German aid workers. He spent his childhood growing up between Africa and Europe. When he was asked as a small child what he wanted to be when he was older he said: “Cowboy, and Film Director.” Siege published his first short story in the German children’s magazine “Der Bunte Hund” when he was 13 years old. He has written and directed various short films and stage-plays since then. Siege has a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing and a Masters degree in Political Science. His debut feature film Beti and Amare (2014), which he directed, wrote, cinematographed, edited and acted in, was made with a 14,000 euro budget. So far, it has been nominated for the Golden St. George Award at the 36th Moscow International Film Festival and has been featured in the Official Selection of prestigious film festivals around the world, including the BFI London Film Festival, Durban International Film Festival, the Montreal World Film Festival, and the Palm Springs International Film Festival. It has won the River Admiration Award at the Silent River Film Festival and is nominated for more awards and will be showing at various upcoming festivals in the coming months.

Posts by Andy Siege (Series Editor):


BIG BRAINS – small budgets: Heather Donnell (Mom, Murder & Me)


Heather Donnell wrote, directed, and produced the murder mystery comedy, MOM, MURDER & ME (, which was an official selection of several film festivals, including the California Independent Film Festival, Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival and the Bahamas International Film Festival. At the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema in January 2015, the film was…


BIG BRAINS – small budgets: Signe Baumane (Rocks In My Pocket)
Digging for Small Potatoes with Different Kind of Gold in Mind


Signe Baumane was born in Auce, Latvia, and grew up in Tukums, Latvia and Sakhalin Island. She was married to Yuriy Gavrilenko, an artist and impresario, and Lasse Persson, a Swedish animator. She began writing for publications at the age of 14. She attended Moscow University and graduated in 1989 with a BA in Philosophy….


BIG BRAINS – small budgets: Jon Reiss (Bomb It, Better Living Through Circuitry, Cleopatra’s Second Husband)


Jon Reiss is an author and media strategist who helps filmmakers and companies navigate the new distribution and marketing landscape.  He has worked with and consulted for Paramount Pictures, Screen Australia, Film Independent, Creative Scotland, The South Australian Film Corporation and numerous film schools and festivals to devise ways to educate and help independent filmmakers…


BIG BRAINS – small budgets: Andy Siege (Beti and Amare)
Turning Weaknesses into Strengths


Pretend that you own a guitar, and your name is Bob Dylan. You’re 16 and you move to New York to become a musician. But you can’t because you live in a world where pigs fly and the cheapest guitar costs $100,000 which no one will give you if you don’t have the right connections…


BIG BRAINS – small budgets: MJ Dixon (Creepsville, Slasher House, Legacy of Thorn)


MJ Dixon was born in Sunderland, North East England. He started his career in film working as a PA on local low budget indie productions and soon grew to have aspiration of creating his own feature length films. Studying a degree in both filmmaking and screenwriting at the University Of Central Lancashire, as well as…


BIG BRAINS – small budgets: Anamitra Roy (Diamonds in the Sky, Five No Budget Films, Memories…of a Dead Township)


Anamitra Roy was born in 1988 in Bandel, West Bengal, India. Roy obtained his MA in Film Studies from Jadavpur University in 2010. He published one of his several alternative literary bulletin’s named ‘Byas’ in 2007. In 2008, Roy developed his collection of poems named ‘Shabdoprokriyakoron’. The format of this book is a benchmark of…


BIG BRAIN – small budget: Amir Motlagh (Still Lover, Khoobi, 35 Year Old Man)


Amir Motlagh strives for an increasingly interdisciplinary approach to creating media and telling stories. He is a filmmaker by trade and practice, having written and directed over 15 narrative and non-fiction projects that have screened all over the world, and experienced every form of distribution with. He’s also experienced first-hand the power of the internet…


BIG BRAIN – small budget: Gregory Bayne (Person of Interest, Jens Pulver: Driven, Bloodsworth – An Innocent Man)


Gregory Bayne is a veteran filmmaker, cinematographer and editor best known for his 2011 film, JENS PULVER | DRIVEN, an intimate feature documentary about the legendary mixed-martial arts fighter. An early adopter of using the internet to finance, build audience for, and distribute his work, Bayne has successfully crowd-funded over $140,000 since 2010 to produce,…


BIG BRAINS – small budgets
Sharing Hard-learned DIY Filmmaking Lessons


The BIG BRAINS – small budgets Series Introduction I had the idea for this series when working on the screenplay for my second DIY Film. My first film BETI AND AMARE was at the beginning of its festival successes and I realized how much easier things had gotten now that I had done it already….

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