Author: Adrian Pennington and Carolyn Giardina

Adrian Pennington and Carolyn Giardina

Adrian Pennington is a journalist and editor specializing in the production, business, and technology of film and TV. He is managing editor of The IBC Daily, producer of the 3D Masters Conference and a regular contributor to Broadcast and TVB Europe. His articles have been published in The Financial Times, The Guardian, Premiere, British Cinematographer and Screen International. Carolyn Giardina has over 15 years experience covering media, entertainment and technology. She serves as contributing editor, Tech, at The Hollywood Reporter, and her work has also appeared in publications including TVB Europe, SHOOT and the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal. In 2011, she received the International Cinematographers Guild’s Technicolor William A. Fraker Award for journalistic contributions to cinematography.

Posts by Adrian Pennington and Carolyn Giardina:


FREE eBook Excerpt – The Moral Premise


An e-book excerpt from the soon to be published book Anatomy of a Premise Line: How to Master Premise and Story Development for Writing Success by Jeff Lyons. The Moral Premise This e-book discusses the single most important thing any writer or storyteller needs to know about when they create a new story: i.e., how…

Fig. 4.7 No two pairs of optical glass are identical.

Caution: No Two Lenses Are The Same


A key issue that live-action 3D, from sports to feature films, has to contend with stems from the fact that no two sets of glass optics are exactly alike. The slightest inconsistencies in alignment, and distortions and aberrations from lenses, focus, zooming, lens flare, or spherical reflections can produce discomfort or break the stereo illusion. Some…

Photo by austinevan

The New Language of Stereoscopic Filmmaking


The stereoscopic medium is moving from a challenge focused around aligning dual cameras into one based on artistic choices. Already terms like ”convergence,”“interocular,” and “screen plane” are forming part of the burgeoning new visual grammar, which might soon become as natural to filmmaking vocabulary as ”close-up” or “racking focus.” While the industry continues to build…

How 3D Was A Key Storytelling Tool in How to Train Your Dragon


When the use of 3D is discussed in professional circles, you’d be hard pressed to find a filmmaker that doesn’t agree that DreamWorks Animation’s 2010 animated hit How to Train Your Dragon set an exceptionally high bar. Acclaim is given in particular for the way the story is told using 3D in harmony with elements…

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